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    • Order numbers: Rental - AMR 42 (See Rental Catalogue)
    • Instrumentation: Symphony Orchestra, Female Choir + Film
    • Duration: 49'
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Symphony no. 3 Planet Earth (Cine-Symphony Version)

Johan de Meij
Planet Earth Symphony Film - Watch the trailer:

Promo for Seed & Spark:

In these chaotic times, audiences are looking for visual, innovative, and socially relevant experiences. Many orchestras are playing film scores to accompany Hollywood movies in order to reach a broader, younger audience. We offer a more sophisticated and contemporary approach: The Planet Earth Film + Symphony experience. This visually rich, 49-minute film takes audiences on a deep and uplifting journey from earth’s creation to the present day as an accompaniment to a live performance of Symphony No. 3 Planet Earth by award-winning composer, Johan de Meij.  Written as a sequel to Gustav Holst’s, The Planets, Symphony No. 3 Planet Earth tells the story of the planet Holst forgot to include—Earth. De Meij’s symphony is an ode to Mother Earth and like Holst’s work, employs a full symphony and female choir. Over the past 12 years, it has built a steady following across five continents

The film gives the orchestral score a whole new dimension. The interaction between music and film make the concert an intense and unforgettable experience.
Anthony Fiumara - Composer, Professor of Composition, Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Tilburg, Music Journalist